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The past 4 days of Trial has revealed actually nothing new. Most of what the Private Investigator said in his examination-in-chief were all in Razak Baginda’s affidavit.

However a point of contention has emerged over the revelation of the bounty of US$500,000.

According to the PI it was an extortion bid by the late Altantuya. From what Anwar has hinted earlier, there is always the possibility that the US500,000 bounty was the late Altantuya’s share of the kickback. It can be easily conjectured that she had made the demand for the money for almost a year but was ignored. When she finally came to Malaysia where she had to get the services of again a private investigator to locate him that her fate was sealed.

As a side show, the NST and Star today both reported a deep conversation Razak Badinga had with his family members. The Star further reported that his daughter wailed “Its suicide, father. Its stupid!”.

Now could this be a sign of capitulation. Will there be plea-bargaining for a lesser charge?

At this stage with the whole world watching including Mongolia the trial should run its course. Many things are at stake.

Another interesting observation was that why the Private Investigator has to testify in Tamil. As one blogger said “I am sure he knows English or Malay.” He gave an account of the conversation with Altantuya. In what language? Definitely not in Tamil.
One peculiar thing was that the Tamil-speaking Bala has told the court of his fear for his and his men’s safety because Altantuya also employed a private investigator by the name of Ang.

There is no reason to fear as both are professional people doing a job unless of course Bala, taking a cue from Razak, has threatened Altantuya. Threatening another person is a criminal offence. Maybe the defence lawyers could cross examine Bala on this.

Again a moral lesson from this case: If one doesn’t want a blow job, get a private investigator instead for a more satisfying resolution.

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Anonymous said...

As i said - dead person does not reply to any accusations made about her. You say she demanded USD500 million - bthat's a lot of bread, man. That can last several life times. Who can corroborate this accusation against ---altantuya? ANy witnesses other than Bala? Many ppl wwork at Getah Asli...why didnt they come forward? Yah lah! Why stick your neck out?