This huge billboard with the face of you know who has sprang out all over Kuala Lumpur recently.

But then according to The Star news report of 9/4/2009:

"He (Najib) wants a stop to “all the trappings” of extravagance, saying there should no longer be billboards featuring the faces of leaders.

“If you want to advertise Malaysia, do so. There’s no need to put the face of the Prime Minister on it,” he said, in reference to billboards sponsored by certain ministries, carrying huge pictures of government leaders.

“There’s no need for red carpet and all that. I want a less formal setting and a more business-like culture,” he said."

Are these another examples of the words of wisdom of "Do as I do and not do as I say".

Or is it the underhand works of Bandaraya whose chief was fond of putting his face on billboards all over Kuala Lumpur.

At a time when Najib was against unnecessary bye-election as a waste of tax-payers' money, would Bandaraya say how much the billboards cost the KL tax-payers.